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Thursday, April 7th, 2011
4:39 am
Let me hear your opinion
I'm new to this website and community. i'd love to get some criticism on my writing.. i do it just for fun.

Time heals all wounds, so they say...
Things are suppose to get better day by day...

Put on a smile,and tell yourself that those memories will fade away.
Yet, the memory of you haunts me everyday.

Every breathe feels like razors every hour,
like a crushed flower, disembodied images are starring back at me.
Nothing feels the same anymore, I'm not me.
Just like a washed up corpse on the shore,
Emptiness creeps up from my back door.

Drowning in my own misery,
I thought you'd be here to save me.

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Sunday, November 22nd, 2009
10:36 pm
Accepting Submissions
To Writers and Artists,

We are accepting works (poetry, short stories, and artwork, including photography) to launch our inaugural issue of our magazine, The Fine Line. The deadline for submissions is March 31, 2010.

For guidelines on how to submit please visit our website: http://thefineline00.wordpress.com/

Looking forward to reading your work,
Co-Editors of The Fine Line

Current Mood: ecstatic

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Friday, January 19th, 2007
8:26 pm
I see what you don't
So I'm new to this community, and I pretty much think that most of your writting is kick ass. I'll post one of my old poems I wrote about 4 years ago..I hope that at least someone will be impressed...(None of my poems rymne by the way).

I see what you dont

I see people threatening
To pull out the gun
To pull that trigger

I see people wanting to die
To get rid of the pain
To get rid of the hurt

I see people slitting their wrists
To relieve their problems
To forget their pains

I see people walking on the edge of life
To fall and fall again
To do just as they have to and not care

I see people using drugs
To relieve stress
To get that high

I see people dieing
To get away
To leave the pain of life

I see what you don’t,
This is written to a world of pain,
To a life that isn’t seen worth living.

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Friday, January 5th, 2007
4:34 pm
here's a little something that i did. hope that you like it (speakers on).

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Saturday, November 11th, 2006
6:00 am
3 Poems
Night Being (Freeverse)
Society in Overdrive (Freeverse- aa.bb.aa.bbb.c rhyming sequence)
The Shapeshifter (Freeverse)

(Follow fake cut to poems...)

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Friday, November 3rd, 2006
4:49 am

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Wednesday, August 9th, 2006
11:54 am
Dear Lust
from your secret adorer
phy inspiration / bandung, night trip 19:45 130105

I adore you
over lust
empowered by the countless feathers
over soul
your floodlight had me devoured
a sphere of luminescence
the white, the eyes, the angelic face
an angelic glance
the faultless smile
over my weaknesses

over mind,
the world flipped
a bubble that wouldn't pop
a tumble that wouldn't stop
a new color in my stagnant sky
color of orange, blue, mahogany
dying my grey life coin

when the feathers fall,
a faint follows upon a smile
a throb struck within the awe
of mine

...and mine
over thoughts
it was vivid inside my world
the blossom of the winter flower
like the first snowflakes
as the warm sunrays
you're a gentle breeze
a distant wish
a new northern star within the same old sky
an impossible dignity
of those ever longed everything

i know that i'd ever had what i dreamt
that's it's only vain, poor wanting
let me just adore the new mahogany in my chimney
thank you for such a silly little angel

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Monday, April 17th, 2006
9:57 pm
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Wednesday, March 22nd, 2006
2:41 pm
Oh, isn't she beautiful,
don't you think so too?
Yes, such perfectness,
I think so, I do.
Move those lips,
say something nice,
something we want to hear,
and make sure to say it right.
And everyone will smile,
yes, everyone is pleased.
There can't be anyone,
a girl that nice would want to tease.
But I hope you didn't expect,
to get all of the attention,
since people who seem happy
don't get the leading roles.

So wipe off your smile,
and try to cry.
Because someday your smile will froze too,
and eternity is only a whisper.
Sorrow is after all,
the currency of the world.

You've known it all along.

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Saturday, November 5th, 2005
10:47 pm
Writing fiends of all calibres!
Reality Is Overrated has finally arrived
to a web space just one click away.
We have editors and writers, and hopefully you will also come across some publishing opportunities.
So, why not join now!


Warning: may contain nuts and insane persons alike.

Ps: please read the rules when you get there. Wouldn’t want too have too send you all to hell.

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Saturday, July 23rd, 2005
1:57 am
How to Change the World....
When I look around at the world, I see so much beauty and at the same time so much pain. We live with the idea that things are getting better and that our lives are worth something. I find myself struggling to believe both those ideas. I see a civilization lost and confused about what it is supposed to be. When a group of people have the power to change to the world for the better and don't... what does that say about the rest of us. What are we and who are we becoming. If there is truely a battle bewteen heaven and hell, could you tell me heaven is winning? There are things about life which I will never understand and maybe I am not made to understand those things in the first place. But I find our existence to be meaningless. We strive for better "things" and not to be better people. We are defined by clothes, cars, money, and how much perfume we wear. When we will look around and say to ourselves, "I wont live this way anymore! There has to be something more?" Maybe we will never do this as a collective whole. To make a difference it doesnt matter if only a few people do it, we must all come to a greater realization about life. I know I must work harder to achieve this enlightenment. But it difficult to know in which direction to look. Do I continue to live the life which makes me happy or live the life which would be more meaningfull? This is the question that all people my age should be asking themselves. Whether there is an answer or not I can't begin to promise you. But I can promise that we will all be better people for just taking the journey. What I wish for now is everyone to walk hand and hand to a better tommorow. If we all just care a little more about each other, we can make this a better place to live. For right now we are just looking into the mirror and deciding that the reflextion we see is the only thing that matters. I emplore you to break that mirror and look out into the world and serve everything thing you see. What a world we could live in... if we only just walked together instead of alone.

P.S. If you want to change the world with me, let me know. We are capable of some amazing things if we only try.

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Monday, July 18th, 2005
12:49 am
If Only the tears are to tell the truth, I believe
One drop for tomorrow, yet another one for her
As if they wash away my regret in life
My voice is too weak to tell the truth
So i gimmic the sounds, here another truth in there
The meaning of life in a sense
I spent years and years to find out what it is
Now I'm laying down here to sing an another tune for U
The darkness swallows all of my hope and happiness
I cant stop it.....it stops my heaven, oasis...
If only the tears are to tell the truth, tell me
About the days I was in dark when I was a child
I still carry this broken heart with me
Till the days it tells me about its feelings to me

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Monday, July 11th, 2005
11:32 pm
1st entry!
Alright, so I'm new to this community. I've never posted poetry anywhere, but I thought maybe it would be a good idea to start. Don't have much experience with writing... but it helps me vent. Let me know what you think... critical views of my stuff is nice to have. Here's the first... I'll post more later.

Cupid is a Comedian

Practical jokes with mortal hearts
Laughing himself to tears as
We cry picking up the pieces.

His bow and arrow shoots us,
Stabs us, leaving us bleeding
Never wanting more - Never.

Until he starts to feel bad for
Himself- his sadness takes over.
His mission is now changed.

His happiness is at stake as
He has only one more arrow for me.

Current Mood: sleepy

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Monday, June 20th, 2005
12:04 pm
Mod post
I know I haven't really been keeping up with this community. I have full time school now, and two jobs. I really want someone else to take over for me. Someone who will bring in new members and post their new poetry and keep an eye on what's going on.

If you're interested in taking over this community please reply to this post.
I will be gone for a few days but when I come back (this Wednesday or Thursday) I will read over all the comments and decide what to do.

To all members: Thank you for joining and welcome!

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Sunday, June 19th, 2005
10:55 pm
Seventeen 17
Every moments I see, Seventen
As vast as the ocean and swallows everything
You can be as you are
Everything has to be true as much as can be
Too young at 16, Too old at 25, Seventeen
Noises can be heard the best within me
Strong and Vividly and I embrace them
Hold my sugar till it melts into your heart
Feelings and memories turn to be
the golden roses, and i feel them in nostalgic

Sadness never stop, but instinctly it makes you more pleasant
You go so dark, but it gets brighter than anything else in the world

Im falling down....
Broken heart inside mine
Whispering your soul to me
Cant control my impulse
it bruises like a hurricane......

Smile, scream and cry as natural as can be
I can listen to your pure heart whispering me gently, my seventeen
The moments I can never go back to
The feelings I can never get back
Disappointed and disillusioned by deceitful
You're running away from the reality, Seventeen
Fly as my golden forever, Seventeen

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Friday, June 17th, 2005
10:07 pm
new to the community...here's a poem!

The Merging Mind

Frozen in time. . .
Lost in space. . .
His hand in mine. . .
Can you finish the race?
Tears in her eyes. . .
A hollow heart. . .
Sweet, sweet sorrow,
Never depart.
Do you feel the pain?
The pain. . .it's real.
Did you make the bet...
That sealed the deal?
The choice is yours. . .
Start tonight.
Do not wait. . .
Stop the fight. . .
Regain your strength. . .
Make old, new...
What's yours Is mine,
And what's me is you. . .

Current Mood: head hurts...:-(

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Wednesday, June 8th, 2005
8:01 pm
Hallelujah La miserable Do you wanna show me how low & low?
Say Hellelujah
Your pain happily falling down on me
with its wings spreading widely
The afternoon light covers all your wounds
and spread it all around gently

Hallelujah La Miserable listening to the star's grief
Hallelujah La Miserable Such a small thing
Say Hallelujah
Maybe its a small thing to forget
once falling into the dark of the night
My swinging feelings, my momentary dream
Such a tiny tragedy
I may get tired of crying
By watching how many starts falling down
The blue color of smiling moon
Carressing my wound and closing it

Stay free your misery Embrace those falling sadness in your arms
Kiss your misery I may dance till i get worn out
accepting everything as it is
Stay free my misery Stay free my misery Stay free my misery
Stay free my misery If the wind is only to let
my pain explode all around
Stay free my misery Lets wait for sun and rain
Hey, lets eat your tears

If you grieve your sadness
Even the color blue of the sky
Youd cry for being Irritated by unable to reach

Stay free my misery Accept the pain that I can feel if i stretch my arms
Stay free your miser Accept love, hate, as it is
Stay free your misery
Stay free my misery Embrace the falling sadness in your arms
Stay free your misery I may dance till im worn out
Accept everything and you smile under this sky

Hallelujah La Miserable I wanna show you how low & low
Hellelujah La Miserable Do you wanna show me how low & low
Hallelujah La Miserable I wanna show you how low & low
Hellelujah La Miserable Do you wanna show me how low & low
Say Hallelujah!

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Sunday, June 5th, 2005
1:54 pm
Hey! I'm new here! Don't like my poetry alot buuuuut I'll post ^_^ Um My poems tend to...never...be bright and happy.

Black stiching slowly falls apart.
The rips and tears burning.
The broken doll left all alone
Left waiting
Left yearing.

Her empty room is breaking
The wall are caveing in
Her stiching comes undone
Slipping off again.

Stuffings pokeing out
Past the smileing face
A fake smile of a broken doll
The tears that left no trace.

The door is open
Screaming for someone to come
Begging for it to end
For all the stiching to come undone.

A tear drop passes the smileing eye
Trails slowly down her cheek
IT chatters on the floor
The eyes that search
That seek.

They come again from time to time
And hug the poor doll close
She'll listen to heart breaking crys
And hide tears of her own

Then there happy, running out
Finding light and a happy day.
And the dolls in her dark room
Left alone
No one wants to play.

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Saturday, April 16th, 2005
9:44 pm

my dry eyes weep softly, while morning is night
and loud people whisper, the wingless take flight

subdued yelling children, throw air at the sky
the people in April, fall dead in July

a mountain of troubles, is lessened with fears
begrudging employees, drink barrels of beers

hopeful dictators drink tropical punch
and mommy and daddy have gone out to lunch.

Hope. Is There Any Left?

Stuck inside a world of hate,
Wishing things were different.
People are not perfect,
Why should I be any different?
Problems lie ahead of us,
Obstacles behind.
And what it is we’re looking for,
We can never seem to find.
Once upon a summertime,
Once upon a fall.
I knew a life that was okay,
And nothing seemed to fail.
It seems that now I’ve woken up,
And everything has changed.
My home, my friends, my hopes, my life,
Completely rearranged.
There is nothing I can do,
But stand against the wall.
And watch “Invisiblitit-ly”
As things begin to fall.
And all the while I’m wondering,
How did it get this way?
What can I do to fix it?
What should I think? What should I say?
I cannot find the reason
I cannot find the time
I cannot find the meaning
And so I’ll stop this rhyme.
I need great help deciding
How to change and who to be
Because through all of this chaos
I’ve lost the real me.

k well im new as you prolly'v noticed and i write poems. some are totally pointless and some aren't. it depends what mood i'm in. 'll write oodles more laters.

exhes and ohs

Current Mood: blank

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Saturday, January 8th, 2005
5:38 pm
Dead Inside
Slowly dying inside,
she hid so much inside.
Outside she was smiling
but inside she was dying.
Inside she was crying.

She would pass by her "friends"
as they looked at her with disgust.
They looked at her with disgrace
even if they hadn't shown it on their face.

In class they would pass notes.
Giffling at her sad face
She only hid her tears deep inside.
For even though she was smiling,
inside she was crying.
Inside she was dying.

She would go home
mistaken that it is safe.
Only to find her mother crying.
Her father yelling
and hitting is wife.

She slammed her door
and threw everything on the floor.
She didn't care anymore.
She already died inside.
She had no other reason to live.

Her soul was now gone.
She lived in a nightmare.
Her happy dream was gone.
Her life was just one big scare.

Current Mood: Eh...

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